Replica P.O.W. Chapel

The Replica Chapel
The Replica Chapel in the Courtyard

The Brass CrossA Candlestick On each side of the the altar are a pair of candlesticks. In the centre, enclosed in a glass case, is a brass cross. This is the original cross from St. George's Church at Changi P.O.W. Camp. The church, in India Lines, had been converted by the P.O.W. from a mosque.

Staff Sergeant Harry Stogden made the cross from the casing of a 4.5 Inch howitzer shell after being given a drawing of the St George’s Cross by Padre Cordingly. When the Japanese assembled “F” Force to construct the Death Railway in Thailand, the church was closed and Padre Cordingly took with him the altar cross.

A Mamorial Plaque A board covered in Mamorial Cards

Whoever thou art that
entereth this church leave
it not without prayer to God
for thyself and those that
minister here

Memorial cards in the Chapel.
Several boards are on the walls
of the chapel and the cards on
them are written by visitors
from all over the world.

Simon Goh, Ronald and Mrs Davison Simon Goh, the Curator of the Changi Museum with Ronald and Mrs Davison laying a wreath at the Chapel in the Courtyard.

Ronald’s photograph of the un restored mural of the Crucifixion can be seen in the page about the Restoration of the Murals.

My thanks to the Changi Museum for allowing me to use photos from the Museum.