Exhibits in the Museum

Two Malarias and a Cholera ‘Two Malarias and a Cholera’, a painting of a true incident, by Ray Parkin.

The painting depicts two men with Malaria supporting a man with Cholera between them. The men with Malaria were trying to take the man with Cholera to a cave at the end of a railway cutting P.O.W. slave labour was constructing. The men made it to the cave and a stretcher party came out from the camp and collected them.

The Japanese guard had refused to let the man with Cholera be taken back. Eventually, he gave permission for him to be taken back by other sick men.

The exhibit area    P.O.W. Diaries and Records
LEFT: The Exhibit Area.
CENTRE: Spikes from the Death Railway.
Right: P.O.W. Diaries and Records.

The Mariners Memorial Regimental Plaques Memorial Cross and Plaques
LEFT: The Mariners Memorial
CENTRE: Regimental Plaques
RIGHT: A Memorial Cross and Plaques

Copy of the Nativity MuralThe Museum also has full size copies of the Changi murals, in a setting replicating St. Luke’s Chapel.

The copy of the Mural of the Nativity is shown here.