Padre G.I.M. Chambers


Padre Chambers was sent to Kranji with the sick prisoners in May 1944. Stanley Warren later said that, “he looked like a lost soul”. The Padre asked the Japanese if he could be transferred to the able-bodied section of the camp, and his request was granted.

In July 1945, prisoners were digging tunnels and shelters for the Japanese. A prisoner was being beaten up by his guards because he was unable to drag a basket of stones. Padre Chambers went and tried to help the prisoner and the guards then viciously set upon him, severely injuring him. The other prisoners then carried the Padre, who had severe internal haemorrhaging, into one of the huts. Pleas for the Padre to be given medical attention fell on deaf Japanese ears.

At night, some prisoners from the camp hospital came under the wire, carefully avoiding the guards, and unsuccessfully operated on the Padre using a hurricane lamp for illumination. Stanley later said, “but sadly... they could do really nothing..... The poor man died very quietly, very bravely”.

Padre Chambers’ Grave at KranjiPadre Chambers now lies in Kranji War Cemetery, not far from his place of death. He had often hoped that Stanley Warren would paint some murals for him in his church in Southampton,Hampshire.

Padre Chambers was one of eight Padres who died in captivity in Singapore. The others were:-

Reverend R.C. Chalk
Reverend J.O. Dean
Reverend J.F. Haigh
Reverend J. Parr
Reverend J. Short
Reverend J. Smith and the
Reverend J. Wanless.

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