Canadian National Flag Point Grey Battery

Visitors to Point Grey in Vancouver today find the Museum of Anthropology and an interesting place it is too.

A 6 Inch Coastal Artillery Gun What visitors may not realise is, that just outside the Museum, are the remains of an important part of Vancouver’s World War Two history. No. 1 Gun Emplacement of Point Grey 6 Inch Battery.

This emplacement is all that remains of the coastal artillery batteries constructed to protect Vancouver and the vitally important docks. It is an important part of the city's history and should be preserved as a reminder of Canada’s role in World War Two.

Sign Board - 15 Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery 15 Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, is working to preserve this important historical site for posterity. My thanks to Lt. Colonel R.V. Stevenson, the Director of 15th Field Regiment Museum, without who's help this site would not have been possible.


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