Dedicated to all servicemen, servicewomen and civilians of all nationalities who suffered and who died as the result of being ‘Guests’ of the Emperor of Japan, 1941-1945.

The Changi Murals A visitor reading about the Murals

I shudder at the enemy's shouts
at the howling of the wicked
they bring misery crashing down on me
and vent their fury on me

- Psalm 55

The Changi Murals were painted between 1942 and 1943 by a British Prisoner of War, Bombardier Stanley Warren, of 15 Field Regiment, Royal Regiment of Artillery.

The Murals were painted in Block 151 Roberts Barracks, Changi Camp, Singapore, then the dysentery wing of the P.O.W. hospital.

Roberts Barracks and Changi Prison have been demolished, but the building containing the Murals remains as a lasting legacy of man’s will to overcome even the worst adversity.

Block 151 on Google Earth

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